No Barriers Highlighted in Veterans Day Radio Interview

By Brian Smith

On Veteran’s Day, two No Barriers ambassadors took to the airwaves to talk about our work with veterans and its importance as millions of military members return from the front lines.

Mind & Body in Motion host Susan Chandler interviewed No Barriers Executive Director Dave Shurna and 34-year Army Veteran Bob “Diggs” Brown. The segment was aired on KZKO.

The three spoke about the origin of Soldiers to Summits, a No Barriers program, Diggs’ recent experience climbing Mt. Whitney with 13 other disabled veterans, and the national need for transformative healing experiences in the face of physical injury, post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries.

“When we look at the veteran community, we say, ‘Well, here’s a group of folks who we believe that transformative experience can empower them to reframe the way they look at their injuries and not see them as things that hold them back,” Shurna said. “And that they can still learn to serve after having served.”

Shurna said our programs connect veterans back to that mentality of serving, use mountaineering as a metaphor and get veterans back into the comfortable space of a team-oriented mission.

“That’s something that when you come back into the civilian world you really don’t get to experience quite to the level you do in the military, that mission accomplishment,” Diggs said. “… There is something that is holding people back from fulfilling their lives as a civilian. This program and putting these challenges in front of you and letting you operate as a team again is restoring that confidence you maybe lost somewhere down the road.”