Our Mindset in Motion, Even At The Board’s Retreat

Our theme for the retreat was “stronger as one”.

We are a diverse group of experts, professionals and dedicated supporters from all over the country. But we are united in our belief in the potential of the organization. We each have seen firsthand on how the organization can change lives so when we get together there’s lots of excitement around how we can help the organization exceed their goals.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.22.39 PMWhen we get together as a board, we live what we preach. One of the barriers to our success is the fact that being scattered across the country hinders our ability to get together face-to-face throughout the year. So when we do get together, we know how important it is to build trusted relationships. Some of that is forged through meals, but some of it is forged out in our adventures.

This year, we were at Camp Hale, the birthplace of the legendary 10th Mountain Division. We participated in an adventure race in which we carried rafts on our heads while running, had target practice, loaded sand bags and scaled a rock face. When you do activities like this, you’re forced to put yourself out there and count on the support of your teammates to help you get safely up and down the rock face.

For me personally, living in Chicago, the closest thing I come in contact to rock-faces is the climbing wall at the gym.  Learning to tie the knots, trust a teammate and find my way up to the top of the rock wall was a victory for me personally, but also one that I could share with the whole board. As we cheered each other on up the rock face, we connected as a team.Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.22.32 PM

We climbed, we reached, struggled, coached, cheered and even playfully teased each other a bit as we went all-in toward achieving our goal. And in the end we succeeded up the rock wall and in turn succeeded in forging a strong team.

As our organization enters into a fast-growth stage, we need to address our challenges head on and ensure that we have a strong board that is willing to support the organization.


Here’s to another great year!
Tom Lillig, No Barriers Board President 

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