The Mindset It Takes To Beat Ovarian Cancer

By Brian Smith

What kind of mindset does it take to beat ovarian cancer?

The kind of mindset that describes 18 weeks of chemotherapy this way: “Amazing.”

“During that time you realize the strength of your physical body, as well as the strength of your mental and spiritual self,” said Gabi, who was diagnosed in the fall of 2013. “That’s the biggest journey I’ve ever been on.”

Gabi made this No Barriers Pledge:

 … To beat ovarian cancer and rebuild my body after extensive chemotherapy and massive muscle loss and to coach others who are on embarking on their own challenging journey.

When she was diagnosed, Gabi knew how to react immediately. She called her cancer – which made her ovaries swell to the size of her surgeon’s fists — a “temporary annoyance.”

“I’ve been trained about how to let myself think in a positive way even through the worst of worst,” she said. “I never went to that dark place. Well, I’m not going to lie, that dark place made itself known sometimes and it’s a nasty beast. But I know how to counteract that.”

Critical to that was her mindset. Gabi discovered No Barriers through Erik Weihenmayer, our co-founder. When she found out about the pledge and the No Barriers Mindset it puts in place, she said it all clicked.

“No Barriers is how I grew up,” she said.

Now, Gabi is a Chemo Coach focused on helping others see their cancer as an opportunity. She also keeps a blog of her experience in hopes of reaching others.

“I was like, ‘Wow, I’m supposed to experience this. I’m supposed to feel this, I’m supposed to live this. I’m supposed to learn this so that I can pull other people through their chemo,’” she said.

Listen to No Barriers’ full podcast with Gabi below. And take your own pledge here.