What’s in Your Rucksack?

In every veteran’s rucksack was a special item.

Perhaps it was a picture of your family that reminded you why you were there.

Maybe it was the woobie you curled up with after a hard day in the field.

Or maybe it was a knife a veteran friend gave you before you deployed.

No Barriers Warriors wants you to send us a video and tell us what it was.

Here’s what it means to us: We want to demystify the lives of service men and women and reveal the meaning ordinary objects can gain under extraordinary circumstances.

Here’s what it means to you: Tell us about that piece of kit, why it meant so much to you and be entered to win a new rucksack and some sweet new gear for the journey ahead.

The details:

Veterans: Take a video with that piece of kit. Be sure to explain why it was always in your rucksack, or why it meant so much to you.

Civilians: Find a veteran in your life, ask them, ‘What’s in your rucksack?’ and tell us what you learned in a video.

Then, email us your video by May 1 to rucksack@nobarriersusa.org. We’ll post the video on our No Barriers Warriors Facebook page (http://facebook.com/nobarrierswarriors) soon after receiving it, so be sure to like our page and look for your video.

When we post your video, share it and ask your friends to share it. The video with the most shares by May 14th wins, so be sure to submit it as soon as possible to maximize your time to have it shared. The contest begins March 10.

The winner gets an Osprey Backpack, North Face Jacket and Petzl Headlamp. We will contact the winner for jacket color and sizing information, so be sure to check your email.

Before entering, make sure you check out our terms and conditions. Note: We reserve the right to withhold videos for any reason and we may edit the video for time and content.