VIDEO: What Natural Sound Would Change Your Life?

What if a sound changed your life?

Where would you have to be? What kind of a sound would it be?

Last summer, 19 students gathered in the Grand Canyon. Half of them were sighted the rest were either blind, or visually impaired. What they heard echoing through the canyon’s walls changed their outlooks not only on sound as a natural resource, but illuminated how sound can enrich their lives.

“My experience has been the most amazing experience I’ve ever had,” one student said. “It has definitely opened my mind to various soundscapes.”

Armed with sound recorders, the students documented what they heard – from the noises of the canyon’s rim to the rich sounds echoing as they rafted the Colorado River.

“I’ve only been blind for about four years almost and it was probably one of the most beautiful moments I’ve had without my vision just being able to take all that in,” said another student of an evening he spent listening to the sound of the Colorado River from the beach.

Listen to them describe their experiences in the video below.