From Formative to Mind Blowing: My Top 5 Travel Experiences

Have you ever been asked the question, “What was your favorite trip ever?” As the head of an organization that provides people with life-changing experiences all over the world, let’s just say it comes up often for me.

Yet, like the question, “What’s your favorite movie?” I rarely answer it the same way twice. Why is that? Well, much like I separate my favorite movies by genres (e.g. favorite comedies, westerns, action), my best trips fall into categories that embody the spirit of the experience. And which genre I choose often depends on the person with whom I am speaking. Here’s a snapshot of a Top Five list for me.

At 19 years old, fresh out of college, I found myself on chicken buses heading from Panama up to Guatemala learning about myself, the world, and what I wanted to do in it.
Best told to: aspiring youngsters dreaming of a better future

My daughter Clara turned four and we set off to Croatia and Sweden on a five-week European backpacking adventure where we learned a lot about adapting to traveling with kids.
Best told to: new parents wondering if their lives will ever be the same

Carefree Fun
Visiting a best friend in Italy, we headed on an epic adventure to the Dolomites that included everything from skiing to a trip to the emergency room where Dr. Zucchini (yes, that was his name) saved me from what felt like imminent death.
Best told to: college kids heading on a study abroad trip

Paddling through the Okavango Delta in Botswana on a makoro (dugout canoe) following the trail of a pack of wild dogs, I marveled at the simplicity, fragility and wonder of life.
Best told to: close friends willing to listen

Hiking to Machu Picchu with a team of blind and sighted students alongside blind mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer, I experienced first-hand what it means to live the No Barriers Life.
Best told to: parents interested in sending their students on a No Barriers experience