20 Weeks of Being Productive. Starting Now….




My fuzzy vision and cloudy brain begin to make sense of the asinine sound filling my room. Green neon numbers glare brightly back at me.

It’s 5:45 a.m.

A heavy sigh rolls past my lips. I swing my legs out from under the warmth of my weighty down comforter and over the edge of my abundantly soft bed. My skin hits the chilled air sending a tingle down my spine and goosebumps across my arms. It’s still black as pitch outside.

This sucks.

A good night’s rest is not something I’ve ever really appreciated or looked forward to. Being active has always been a better use of time in my mind. But at 31 years old and with a “real” job, sleeping well past the rising sun and doing much less with my free time seems to be the new normal.

Lately I find myself interested in a new hobby or activity for a month or two and eventually the desire to continue fades away. I have a house, and a garage, and a shed filled with gear that now collects dust.

Recently, I’ve been making excuses rather than doing. This aggravates me.

Doing has been the key aspect of my personality for the past decade. It’s who I was.

So I set out to push myself to do something sustainable, something that sticks.

My No Barriers pledge goal is to wake up and do something productive, four days a week, for 20 weeks.

Mainly this means going to the gym, but I’d be happy with waking up early to read a book, clean the house or get ahead on some work. Ultimately, my goal is to change my habit of sleeping late, continually hitting the snooze button and exploring my tendency toward a lack of commitment to developing truly viable habits.

I read that it takes 10 weeks for humans to ultimately change or create a habit. For 10 weeks, I plan on working hard to form this new habit. The second 10 weeks will test to see whether it sticks. I want to commit to something that is important to me, to my health and to my sense of self.

I’m currently three weeks in. The first week was easy. I was excited and energized to get up early. I wanted to get out the door and be active. Weeks two and three have been tougher. My commitment is fading; I’m really struggling to get out of bed when I know I can easily sleep another hour.

Adopting Charlie, an 8-week-old puppy, one week into this pledge hasn’t helped either. Nights have been restless and 2 a.m. potty breaks make getting up early that much harder.

I’ve had to constantly remind myself why I am doing this. I’ve had to focus on staying the course. It’s difficult, but I want to feel the pride when this habit starts to sink in, not the sense of failure when I give up.

I am learning that changing habits is not easy. It’s a struggle. There’s hope though. Every morning I manage to get out of bed and go “do,” I’m one day closer to no longer needing an alarm to rise me from the depths of sleep or motivate me to start my day with a 5-mile run.

Hopefully this habit I’m seeking to create will begin to take anchor.

I’ll report back again at 10 weeks; wish me and Charlie luck. See you on the other side!


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