The People Behind our Life-Changing Adventures

What does it feel like to sit in a room full of individuals whose job it is to change lives?

Extraordinary. Humbling. Invigorating.

That’s how I felt last week at our annual No Barriers Expedition Leader Training. In attendance were the individuals who we charge with leading our annual experiential programs that we call No Barriers Youth, No Barriers Warriors and No Barriers Summit.

IMG_9338These aren’t the people you’ll see profiled on national news or featured in a documentary. But they should be.

They live and breathe their values on their mud-splattered boots. They radiate a passion for adventure on their sun-whipped faces. And they raise their families and live their lives as if all that matters is how they can help others.

At No Barriers, what they share is transformation. They possess a unique ability to connect with people at a deeply human level. They’re equally ready (and capable) to discuss the meaning of life on the banks of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon as they are to assess the state of your bowels in the Peruvian Amazon. They can adapt instantly to the mood and energy of any group. And they’re adept at ushering our participants, in due time, toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Our Expedition Leaders are all alchemists, mixing together the special combination of events, activities, and conversations that lead to true transformation.