At the Summit, you find your Rope Team

Summit weekend can be tiring physically, mentally and emotionally, which is why Meghan Morris’s community yoga class was a much-needed way to kick off the third day of the 2015 No Barriers Summit.

Meghan introduced us all to Amba yoga, a practice style she created after being inspired by watching her husband, who is quadriplegic, go through physical therapy. Her fierce instruction and palpable energy awakened our “animal bodies” as we stretched our muscles in new ways. The positive vibes flowing from the community yoga session inspired us all to open our eyes and hearts to the experiences and people surrounding us throughout the day.

With only one day left of the Summit, participants grew closer together at their clinics, strengthening new friendships that will last a lifetime. Not only is the Summit about personal growth and goals, but also about finding people to connect with and relate to. Clinics are a perfect place to open your mouth to offer words of encouragement or open your arms for a hug of understanding and support. The clinics today allowed participants to collaborate and build strong communities with others, helping them find their “rope team.”

The second session of No Barriers University brought three more influential people to the Summit stage: Mick Ebeling, Medal of Honor Recipient, SSG Ty Carter and Henry Evans. Those who attended learned about cutting-edge 3D printer technology advanced enough to create prosthetic limbs, as well as a life lived through robots, and the valor of a Marine.

These speakers left us with the challenge to be brave – to be determined, to utilize our full potential, and to create.

As leaders, these speakers elevated us and encouraged us to become a leader that elevates in return.

As a special treat, The Blind Boys of Alabama played an upbeat set during their community concert at the Canyons Resort. The grassy hill opposite of the stage was full of enthusiastic fans; laughing, cheering and relaxing to The Blind Boys’ sweet twangy tunes in the night air.

The No Barriers Summit is nearly coming to an end…it’s time to #SummitWithUs harder than ever! Give your final activities your all. Leave no barrier unbroken.