Climbing Higher: Ryan Garza Hikes Again at What’s Your Everest

  • Ryan Garza heading to the Summit of Mt. Democrat at the 2015 What's Your Everest Event

Friday the 13th.

As Ryan Garza says the date, a smile overcomes his face, hiding the wincing and trembling that come with his usual pain.

It was on that day in February that the Marine had his deteriorating right leg – which had been previously injured by an IED explosion in Afghanistan – amputated. For years, he had walked around on the gnarled limb in pain.

He was able to bear the pain enough to summit Mount Mariposa in Peru with No Barriers Warriors in 2013. But when the pain manifested itself in excessive drinking and aggressive demeanor, Ryan knew it was time to free himself of it.

Within five weeks he was walking again. Soon thereafter he was climbing rock walls. Then he was bowling strikes. And on August 1, he set his heights higher — his first 14er with his prosthetic.

Watch the video of Ryan’s climb with No Barriers at What’s Your Everest in Colorado below: