2,100 Miles of Daunting

Daunting is what Jennifer lives for.

Those moments where something seems nearly impossible.

In fact, she relishes them so much so that she’ll have 2,100 miles of them this fall as she cycles her way from Connecticut to Colorado for a No Barriers Pledge to end cancer.

“I like things that are bigger than me, things that feel like they are going to be really hard and that are really going to push me,” she said. “Those moments where you break through? That’s just like the sweet, golden beauty of life. Those are the best moments to ever live in.”

Jennifer, a No Barriers Summit staffer, is taking some time away from the organization to complete her epic cycle ride called “Cycle My Heart Out: A fundraiser to end cancer for everybody, but mostly Ericka.”

Ericka is a single mother of four and a longtime friend of Jennifer who recently received the breast cancer diagnosis. It wasn’t the first time Jennifer heard the “C-Word” in the last six months — in December she lost a friend to pancreatic cancer and in January lost another friend to lung cancer.

Cancer had never hit her so closely before. And it struck in her a fear that compelled her to act.

“The thing about No Barriers is to live in that fear,” she said. “It wakes you, it keeps you very much alive and I see that’s what Ericka is doing. And she’s doing it mostly because she has four kids. She’s like, ‘I’m not going to stop and think about this …’ she’s like, ‘I’ve got to take the steps to get this done.’”

Jennifer said she knew that she had to do something to support her friend. Initially she thought it was to sit on the couch comforting her and making peanut butter and jellies for her kids. Instead she decided to start a fundraiser to help elevate others.

To hear more about Jennifer’s journey, listen to the podcast below: