Brian Smith loves to tell stories.

Whether they are his own — eating a shark’s heart on national television, getting in a stand off with a grizzly bear while salmon fishing, or catching a 320-pound halibut in the Gulf of Alaska.

Or No Barriers’ — a deaf teenager who found his life’s purpose, a veteran amputee who went from considering suicide to climbing Gannett Peak, or a woman who used the No Barriers mindset to get her through chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer.

He is No Barriers’ storytelling coordinator, which means he is often wrapped in a cocoon of audio cables, nearly drowning in stray memory cards and always lost in thought typing a blog.

He is also a veteran of the newspaper business, a job which took him through Colorado, Alaska and Idaho. As a reporter and photographer, Brian covered everything from lemonade stands to oil industry cover-ups. He has photographed everything from high school basketball games to Alaskan sled dog races.

When he is not working, he spends most of his time casting flies to uninterested trout, dreaming up ways to visit more National Parks, living vicariously through the football dominance of the Denver Broncos and jiggling and gyrating his body down the streets in a manner otherwise known as running.

Email him at and follow him on Twitter @nobarriersbrian