Growing up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Jordan was immersed in nature from the start. Early environmental education programs cultivated her relentless interest in biological systems and a drive to create more harmonious human connections with our planet. At 18, Jordan embarked upon a year of travel including working with dolphins in Hawaii, using American Sign Language to communicate with Chimpanzees in Washington, teaching high school English and Biology in Kenya, and conducting flora and fauna surveys in the wilds of Queensland, Australia. Forever changed from this transformative experience, Jordan’s passion is two-fold: helping individuals to better understand themselves and their connection to the planet and working with strategic partners to create the support systems that help individuals better understand how they can use their life to have a positive impact on our world.

In her professional career, Jordan worked with the Kenya Wildlife Service to assess human wildlife conflict tensions in the boarder regions of the country’s national parks, thereby gaining an understanding that communication and education are critical components of viable conservation strategies. As a Manager of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots program, Jordan supported the California network of youth service groups, acted as a consultant to school districts, trained teachers to create youth driven service learning and facilitated youth leadership programming. While the Director of No Barriers Scholarship Programs, Jordan stewarded strategic partnerships, leading to the development of various scholarship programs, including  Learning AFAR.

Jordan holds a Masters degree in Organizational and Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and a BA in Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Science from Hampshire College. Jordan recently completed a study of models of leadership within sustainable business aiming to better understand characteristics of leaders who consider a triple bottom line including people, planet and profit. As the Corporate & Individual Relations Development Officer, she loves finding opportunities for No Barriers supporters to change a life through our transformative programs.