At 17, Paul left the green, lush corn fields of Illinois behind and headed toward the setting sun in search of crisp mountain air, cold running water and endless possibilities. He landed in Fort Collins, Colorado, a place he is proud to have called home for the better part of two decades.

Since leaving the flatlands behind, Paul has discovered the transformative power of seeing the world. Over the years he has had many opportunities to meander around the globe and meet new people. He has lived abroad in both Australia and Spain, navigated down some of the West’s wildest rivers, rode his bike from the Canadian border to the Mexican one and traveled through South America, Europe and Africa. Paul has run marathons and ultramarathons and is always looking for the next exciting test of his mind and body, truly believing that what is within you is stronger than what is in your way.

Paul graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Technical Communication and a Master’s in Public Communication and Technology. He has written compelling copy for large, multinational companies and dabbled as an entrepreneur, starting two of his own businesses. Paul’s biggest strength is his endless positivity, whether you bump into him out on the trails, on the top of a rocky peak or sitting behind a screen typing away, he’ll surely have a smile on his face.

In the past decade Paul has been able to share his life and passions with those he met along the way and  is excited to be able to continue these adventures, creating and nurturing new and exciting relationships with the No Barriers community while living and promoting the No Barriers Mindset!