Penn Street’s life took the path toward working with people with disabilities at age nine when she joined their group. After being bitten by a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Penn was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). SJS took most of her vision and weakened her vital organs, but did not steal her tomboy spirit. It was then that she began her “No Barriers” life.

After graduating high school with honors, Penn taught Independent Living Skills in a group home in Fort Collins. While teaching in Fort Collins, Penn met her future husband, Moses, during a photography project for her students.

In 1987, Penn moved to Boulder where she taught Full Contact Self Defense Courses (Single and Multiple Assailants, and Assailants with Weapons). While living in Boulder, Moses introduced Penn to the joys of camping, biking, sailing, and trail running. With Penn’s blurry vision and weakened heart and lungs it was a struggle to keep up with Moses and his two young girls, but she did.

In 1989 Penn moved to Denver to study Early Childhood Education and Special Education. While in Denver, Penn became involved in the Winter Park Adaptive Downhill Ski Program. It was love at first lesson.

Penn moved to Estes Park in 1995 where she managed Moses’ nationally known art photography gallery and portrait studio until 2005 when her retina in her good eye hemorrhaged leaving her with no central vision and blurrier peripheral vision. In true Penn style, she met this challenge by going back to school in Denver to learn adaptive skills and technology to overcome the new vision loss.

In 2006 Penn returned to her passion of teaching. She taught seniors how to live independently and safely with their vision loss for Disabled Resource Services in Larimer and Jackson Counties.

In 2010 Penn and Moses moved to Loveland. In 2013 Penn joined the Ensight Skills Center team as there State Wide Community Outreach Manager.

Penn is in demand as an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. She has been invited to be the keynote speaker at national and state conventions, boards, panels, schools, and Federal Government ADA discussions.

Penn volunteered for three years with No Barriers on various events. Since age
nine Penn has lead a No Barriers Life, and now it is a dream come true for her to be a full time part of the No Barriers family.