Rob is a Washington, DC native that traded in his tie for a Chaco tan and the mountain trail. Rob anticipated a career on Capitol Hill after graduation but headed west for a summer before diving in. This led him to Vista Verde Ranch in northwest Colorado, where the mountains took hold, as they often do. After three seasons as a ski and mountain bike guide Rob was ready to leave VVR but not Colorado. He was drawn to Fort Collins by its urban opportunities amid a mountain lifestyle. From the moment Rob stumbled upon No Barriers he was hooked. It resonated with his soul and reignited his passions.

Rob first experienced the power of travel as a high school student in the Dominican Republic, where he would later return as an intern for the State Department. His cultural interests prompted him to pursue a degree in Anthropology and Spanish at the University of Virginia, followed by graduate work at UVa’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. By the time Rob completed his Master of Public Policy he was on track for the DC office life but, fortunately enough, Colorado came calling. Outside of work Rob likes to get outdoors and stay active.

He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and getting lost in a grove of Aspen trees. Rob is also active at Antioch Community Church in Fort Collins.